Clementine Morrigan, a white femme person with bright blue shoulder length hair is wearing a little black dress, black framed glasses and burgundy lipstick. They are sitting outside on a porch.

Clementine Morrigan is a queer femme sober-addict witch, writer and artist. They are a white settler living on colonized land known as Toronto, Turtle Island, land of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, Mississaugas of the New Credit, Huron-Wendat and other Indigenous peoples.

Clementine’s work spans genres and mediums, including essays, poetry, creative non-fiction, zines, illustration, short film, self-portraiture and sculpture. All of their work aims to undermine hierarchies of knowledge production by blurring distinctions between art, academia and DIY culture making.

Clementine is interested in trauma, embodied knowledges, decolonization, non-human life, witchcraft, spirituality, femme experience, sex work and queering. They challenge mainstream literature on polyamory by bringing an intersectional, critical analysis to conversations on poly. They also critique intoxication culture, complicate constructions of addiction and consider sober spaces through the lens of accessibility.

Their first book, Rupture, was published in 2012. They produced a short film entitled Resurrection in 2013. They are a prolific zinester, currently producing the zines seawitch, make all good things fall apart, Complicating Veganism and Three of Swords. A second book of poetry has been accepted for publication and will be available in 2017.

Clementine holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Women, Gender and Feminist Studies from York University. They are currently pursuing a Masters of Environmental Studies at York University. They are a facilitator and community organizer, working collaboratively from a disability justice perspective, creating intentionally anti-oppressive, accessible spaces in which to share art, stories and ideas. They are one half of the artistic collaboration from the margins.

Content Warning: This website includes discussion of violence, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, addiction, alcoholism, trauma and other things that may be difficult to read.