Clementine Morrigan

A picture of Clementine Morrigan. They have dyed bright red hair and are looking away from the camera. Clementine Morrigan (aka Violet Seawitch aka Jason Star) is a gender/queer femme sober-addict witch. They are a multidisciplinary writer and artist. Their work spans genres and mediums, including essays, poetry, creative non-fiction, zines, illustration, short film, self-portraiture and sculpture. Their first book, Rupture, was published in 2012. They produced a short film entitled Resurrection in 2013. They write a zine called seawitch and work on other zine projects. They are a facilitator and community organizer. They also read and teach tarot.

Morrigan explores a wide range of subject matter in their work. They are interested in counter-narratives of gendered violence, art as a space of invaluable knowledge production, femme as sacred, witchcraft and spirituality, critiquing intoxication culture, complicating constructions of addiction, and considering sexuality (in particular queerness, sex work and polyamory) in conjunction with madness. Their academic work takes seriously the art produced by trauma survivors and considers its social, political, aesthetic and epistemological value. Additionally, their academic work deconstructs intoxication culture from a queer, feminist, disability justice perspective. Their facilitation and community organizing is collaborative and disability justice focused, creating intentionally anti-oppressive, accessible spaces in which to share art, stories and ideas. Their work takes a bottom-up approach, undermining the authority of meaning-makers such as medicine, psychiatry, law and academia.

Content Warning: This website includes discussion of violence, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, addiction, alcoholism, trauma and other things that may be difficult to read.

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