Clementine, a white, femme presenting persin has bright pink hair and is wearing lavender lipstick and large, clear framed glasses.My name is Clementine Morrigan and this is my website. This website has undergone many incarnations and I expect it will continue to mutate.

I am an artist, writer, community organizer, healer, witch and all around creative person. I am a white settler living on colonized Haudenosaunee,  Huron-Wendat, and Anishinabek land. I am committed to anti-racism and decolonization.

I use this website to record, promote and share my work. I am a firm believer in the ethics of do it yrself / do it together culture making. I believe in rule breaking and smashing the elitism and scarcity mentality within arts and academic spaces. I believe in sharing: knowledge, ideas, inspiration, hope, struggle, wisdom. So this website is a place where I share my work, my ideas, my creative process.

Some of the art and writing I create is very popular and well circulated on the internet. Some of my work is considered ‘bad’ (for example, my music). I share it here anyway because I believe art is for everyone, exploring mediums is important and fun, and because the ethics of smashing elitism and gatekeeping are ultimately more important to me than being good at anything.

I am a Capricorn and I experience structural dissociation, not sure which of these is what compels me to continuously change up this website, but either way, I give myself explicit permission to make this space into whatever I need it to be at a given time. Largely it is a portfolio of my work. It also functions as a blog and a catalog where I sell my work. And it is a place for me to record my accomplishments and feel good about them.

For awhile I tried to make this space primarily a professional website and therefore talked about myself only in the third person. I think there is a place for that (and it’s a great way to communicate that my pronouns are they/them) but I feel stifled by not being able to express other aspects of my voice. I still have my professional bio and my cv up but I have decided to go back to talking in the first person for the most part.

My artistic vision is one that honours all the different aspects of my being and I aim to make this space into one that does just that. I am also committed to constantly learning, unlearning, growing and changing. So I expect to make mistakes and I plan to learn from them.

You can also find me on all sorts of social media because I am highly invested in the creative, communal and sharing potentials of the internet. Thank you for being here and for sharing your time with me.

Content Warning: This website includes discussion of violence, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, addiction, alcoholism, trauma and other things that may be difficult to read. There are also images on this website, and in the linked social media accounts I maintain, which include nudity. I haven’t added content warnings to specific pages and posts (because for some reason that did not occur to me) but the titles of things, and their categories, should give a pretty good indication of what they are about. I will add individual content warnings as I have the time. Please bear with me.

Accessibility Note: This website, like all of my work, aims to centre disability justice. I add image descriptions to all images and all videos are captioned. If anything isn’t functioning correctly, or if there’s something else I can do to increase access, please let me know.

About Commenting: All comments go into a queue and need approval from me before going live. Therefore, don’t waste your time posting hateful comments. They go straight into the trash. When posting comments please be patient with me as it can take me awhile to get them live. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.