IMG_3006Clementine Morrigan is a writer, artist, educator, and working witch. Their first book, Rupture, was published in 2012. Her second collection of poetry, The Size of a Bird, will be available from Inanna Press in October 2017. Their creative writing has appeared in the literary journals Prose & Lore and Soliloquies, and her scholarly writing has appeared in the academic journals Somatechnics, The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, and Knots. They have also written for Guts Magazine. She is the creator of two short films, Resurrection (2013) and City Witch (2016) as well as being a prolific zinester with a current project titled Fucking Magic. Their creative, artistic, and scholarly works consider trauma, madness, addiction, sobriety, gender, sexuality, desire, magic, re-enchantment, environment, and more-than-human worlds. Additionally, she facilitates workshops and guest lectures on a number of topics, as well as providing professional tarot reading services for individuals and events. They are a white settler of Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry living on Anishinabek, Haudenosaunee, and Wendat land. She is a practitioner of trauma magic.

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The cover of 'Rupture' reads 'Rupture by Clementine Morrigan' and shows a screaming woman grabbing her breasts.

Rupture is a raw exploration of trauma and addiction. Through poetry, narrative, photography, and illustration Rupture tells of surviving childhood sexual abuse and intimate partner violence, living through alcoholism and addiction, getting sober, and beginning recovery.

Rupture bravely captures the emotions of trauma, pleasure and recovery. This series of poems, divided into six parts, takes the reader through the author’s experiences of sexual violence, discovering her sense of self and relationships, and how she has started her journey toward healing. Although some of the poems are extremely difficult to read, Morrigan’s work serves as a way for others who are dealing with similar experiences to begin to articulate some of their own pain. In ‘divine responsibility’, Morrigan writes “self love is a divine responsibility / because the goddess Herself / makes no mistakes.” The juxtaposition of the empowerment expressed in some of the poems and the hurt in others underscores the nuanced struggle of living with a painful history.” —Shameless Magazine

Rupture is a bold, honest, and thought-provoking collection of poems and short narrative writings on female embodiment, violence against women, sexuality, and feminism. Morrigan’s accessible language and intimate tone invite the reader to enter into her experiences, which range from harrowing to exhilarating. She encourages readers to appreciate the challenging journey of the woman in patriarchal culture who seeks to honour her feelings, desires, and powers and carve out a truly independent existence. Her book strikingly demonstrates that women’s right to self-determination continues to be a poorly protected one and is a work that would appeal to many women who similarly struggle to live outside of sexist conditioning and norms.” —Herizons Magazine

Rupture can be ordered here, and is also available at the Toronto Public Library.

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A skeleton and the words "Fucking Magic #1"

Fucking Magic #1 is the first issue of a new perzine series. A meditation on sexual trauma and shame this zine reclaims sexuality as a practice of magic. Tracing lineages of trauma through child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, emotional abuse, queerphobia, and multiple rapes, sexuality is rediscovered as a site of transformation and healing. Reimagining sluttiness and nonmonogamy in sobriety, seeking out femmme4femme desire, facing down queerphobia and biphobia, pursuing pleasure and surrendering shame, this zine is a declaration of the healing power of claiming sexuality on one’s own terms. A celebration of the power of friendship, an affirmation of the importance of joy, and an invocation of magic as a practice of embodied collaboration with a living im/material world, this zine dives deep into pain while making space for profound wonder and gratitude. Hopeful, heartfelt, disturbing, and empowering Fucking Magic is an act of love in the context of complex trauma.

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A lit candle and a deck of tarot cards.

Clementine Morrigan offers tarot readings in downtown Toronto, and sometimes in other cities.

The Toronto readings take place in Kensington Market, in a space with two flights of stairs and two cats, or at another agreed upon accessible location. Usually about an hour in length, Clementine’s readings are affirmative, intuitive, and transformative. Focusing on lessons and opportunities for growth, clients leave feel seen, inspired, and better prepared to face the challenges and blessings in their lives.

A queer and genderfluid person herself, Clementine frequently reads for queer and trans people. They also have experience working with people who identify with trauma, madness, and/or disability. Her readings work from a place of acknowledgement of trauma and systemic oppression while simultaneously honouring our magic and the ways we survive, and thrive.

Whether you are a seasoned reader yourself or have never experienced the power of tarot, Clementine’s unique, intuitive style has something to offer you. Committed to anti-capitalist, accessible magic, they offer readings at a sliding scale of $20-$60 for individuals, and $20-$60 per hour for events. To book your reading, send an email to

“Clementine’s reading can really help you go deeper inside yourself. They know the tarot deck well and very intuitive to what the cards suggests. They do your reading in such a way to ensure that you can be aware of the possibilities so that you can make the choice that resonates with you the most. I highly recommend them!” – Rain

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