The cover of the zines shows an image of microbes with the text 'gut feeling: poems about microbes.'

gut feeling: poems about microbes

gut feeling: poems about microbes is a little poetry zine that takes microbes seriously. Each poem looks at the relationship between gut flora and world, considering SIBO, alcoholism, symbiosis, trauma, mind, animal testing, and the abject. Also included are quotes by thinkers who write about microbes. This tiny zine delves deep into the world of 100 trillion tiny creatures living within the human gut.

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The zine cover shows a bunch of lavender and the words: 'Can Theory Be A Spell? A rambling essay on magic, spirituality, surviving violence, madness, addiction, and nevigating the academy as a witch.'

Can Theory Be A Spell?

Can Theory Be a Spell? is a rambling essay exploring my history of surviving childhood sexual abuse and the role that magic played in my survival, psychiatric incarceration, addiction and losing touch with magic, finding 12 steps and finding my way back to magic, and navigating the academy as witch when spiritual and magical ways of knowing are devalued in academic settings. It’s a zine about being a witch in grad school and trying to find a way to articulate my truths.

“I leave my magic at my altar where I sit each morning and write, where I sit each morning and ask for help, where I sit each night and say thank you, where I light my candles, lay down my tarot cards, listen to what comes to me. I leave my magic pressed between the pages of books, alive on city streets and in alleyways, in the lake, the river, the sky, in my pulse, my fingertips, in the synchronicity and connectedness I feel all around me and inside me, when I open myself to it. I leave my magic. I do not bring it into the university.”

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A bumble bee on a yellow flower. Text reads 'A Little Bee Zine: Learning About Bees, Planting for Pollinators, and Coming Into Relationship With Ecosystems.'

A Little Bee Zine

A Little Bee Zine is about developing relationships with local ecosystems, learning about different species of bees, facts about bees that you probably don’t know (like the fact that most species live in the ground, not in hives), and tips on planting pollinator gardens to attract and support bees. It comes with full colour photos of bees and the plants they love. This zine is a love letter to bees in all their magnificent variety and an invitation to come into relationship with the ecosystems you are a part of.

“Not only did this experience open me up to a world of wonder in which I discovered how little I really knew about bees, it also put me in direct relationship with the plants I was caring for and the ecosystem which exists in my backyard. The daily practice of going outside, caring for the plants, noticing changes, watching the bees, and other creatures, really changed me. I began to experience this deep sense of awe and curiosity as I came face to face with how little I know. I was also filled with a deep sense of relationship and responsibility.”

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A piece of art by Clementine Morrigan. Three lit candles. Over top is text that reads 'signifigant distress'.

significant distress

Content warning: psychiatric incarceration and violence.

significant distress is an art zine which emerges from a larger installation/performance piece but the zine also stands on its own. This small zine is a ritual object, a pocket-sized magic, which explores witchcraft as a site of resistance to psychiatric violence and as a space in which madness is honoured.

signifigant distress juxtaposes the archive of psychiatry with the repertoire of ritual from the perspective of a mad witch. The psychiatric archive, with its disinterested, impersonal tone, attempts to capture the psychiatrized person and reduce them to words on a page. This capture and reduction is a symbolic act which mirrors the actual capture and reduction which takes place in the context of psychiatric incarceration. The artist, a psychiatric survivor who also happens to be a witch, literally cuts up the psychiatric archive to free themself from it. The words are then resituated from the sterile pages of the psychiatrist’s note keeping, to the powerful, energetic setting of the witch’s craft. Scenes from the artist’s actual spiritual practice reveal magic to be a welcoming space for madness, a space which can hold madness in all its complexity and wisdom. The violence done to the mad body in the context of psychiatry is here witnessed and addressed in the context of witchcraft.

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'Complicating Veganism'. A collage of images of food, a person, and money.

Complicating Veganism

Complicating Veganism is a compilation zine edited by Nicole Davis and I. Eleven contributors complicate veganism by considering it in conjunction with disordered eating, mental health, trauma, sexual violence, autism, intersectionality, capitalism, colonialism, food justice, fat activism, sexual orientation and other topics. The goal of this zine is to undermine the single-issue oriented approach that much vegan activism takes, to call into question oppressive tactics that vegan activism uses and to open up the conversation about veganism in a way that is complex, intersectional and focused on justice. We are also seeking submissions for a second issue to continue the conversation.

“We need to address the fact that the figures at the frontline of the vegan movement are white, able-bodied, cisgender, thin and fit, wealthy settlers.” – Nicole Davis

“Veganism, which gave me a sense of safety and control, a sense of distance from violence, also was a way of coping.” – Clementine Morrigan

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The cover of 'Rupture' reads 'Rupture by Clementine Morrigan' and shows a screaming woman grabbing her breasts.


Rupture was published with Demeter Press in 2012. It can be ordered here, and is also available at the Toronto Public Library. This book is a raw exploration of trauma and addiction. Through poetry, narrative, photography, and illustration Rupture tells of surviving childhood sexual abuse and intimate partner violence, living through alcoholism and addiction, getting sober, and beginning recovery.

Rupture is an exploration of sexuality, violence, recovery and reclamation of self. Through images, poetry, and prose Clementine Morrigan examines the processes of destruction and creation which are fundamental to healing. She exposes the messy, contradictory, painful, pleasurable, powerful and vulnerable experience that is the journey through trauma. She asks us not to position survivors of sexual violence as either simply helpless victims nor simply empowered survivors. Instead she demands to be recognized as fully human and explores uncompromisingly the process of recovery.” —Demeter Press

Rupture bravely captures the emotions of trauma, pleasure and recovery. This series of poems, divided into six parts, takes the reader through the author’s experiences of sexual violence, discovering her sense of self and relationships, and how she has started her journey toward healing. Although some of the poems are extremely difficult to read, Morrigan’s work serves as a way for others who are dealing with similar experiences to begin to articulate some of their own pain. In ‘divine responsibility’, Morrigan writes “self love is a divine responsibility / because the goddess Herself / makes no mistakes.” The juxtaposition of the empowerment expressed in some of the poems and the hurt in others underscores the nuanced struggle of living with a painful history.” —Shameless Magazine

Rupture is a bold, honest, and thought-provoking collection of poems and short narrative writings on female embodiment, violence against women, sexuality, and feminism. Morrigan’s accessible language and intimate tone invite the reader to enter into her experiences, which range from harrowing to exhilarating. She encourages readers to appreciate the challenging journey of the woman in patriarchal culture who seeks to honour her feelings, desires, and powers and carve out a truly independent existence. Her book strikingly demonstrates that women’s right to self-determination continues to be a poorly protected one and is a work that would appeal to many women who similarly struggle to live outside of sexist conditioning and norms.” —Herizons Magazine

“Clementine has the guts to get gritty with her experiences of violence, misogyny, addiction, recovery and most importantly, healing.” —SheDoesTheCity

“Clementine has created a masterpiece. At times heartbreaking, her stories of sexuality, incest, alcohol and domestic violence are all too familiar. In the hands of young women, this book has the possibility of bringing about stronger friendships, louder voices and real change. Her words pierce right to the bone and to the soul. She has spoken for those who thought they had no voice.” —LaMesha Melton, writer and editor of cocoa/puss zine

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