A skeleton and the words "Fucking Magic #1"

Fucking Magic #1 is the first issue of a new perzine series. A meditation on sexual trauma and shame this zine reclaims sexuality as a practice of magic. Tracing lineages of trauma through child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, emotional abuse, queerphobia, and multiple rapes, sexuality is rediscovered as a site of transformation and healing. Reimagining sluttiness and nonmonogamy in sobriety, seeking out femmme4femme desire, facing down queerphobia and biphobia, pursuing pleasure and surrendering shame, this zine is a declaration of the healing power of claiming sexuality on one’s own terms. A celebration of the power of friendship, an affirmation of the importance of joy, and an invocation of magic as a practice of embodied collaboration with a living im/material world, this zine dives deep into pain while making space for profound wonder and gratitude. Hopeful, heartfelt, disturbing, and empowering Fucking Magic is an act of love in the context of complex trauma.

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